About Us

Christ Family Church

Christ Family Church began in August, 2003, with a group of believers seeking the Lord for His direction. The first meeting was held in a shelter house at Cedar Lake, and one hundred thirty people attended. Feeling strongly the Lord had brought us together as a family with Him as the Head, we adopted the name of "Christ Family Church" and moved into a rented store front at 1717 Mur-Len for the next four months where the Lord has blessed us and helped us to grow and prosper.  On January 4, 2004, Christ Family Church held its first service in our new facility at 1574 S. Mahaffie Circle in Olathe, Kansas. On April 3, 2005, we moved to the New Life Church building on the southwest corner of 159th & Ridgeview in Olathe while our new home at 905 Chestnut was being remodeled. On May 7, 2006, we moved into our newly remodeled home at 905 S Chestnut St.  

Christ Family Church believes Jesus is Lord over His church, which is His body in this world, and that it must be subject to Him in all things. Our purpose is:

to know Christ                                                           Philippians 3:10


to be known of Christ                                                Corinthians13:12


to make Christ known to the world                           Colossians 1:27


We accomplish this threefold calling through ,various missions outreaches, and other body ministries. We are a full gospel church which believes in the personal infilling of the Holy Spirit, and the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit in the church today.  We do not, however, exclude anyone from fellowship based on this point of doctrine; but believe (as in any family) each member is unique and valuable. We believe we are truly living stones; and as such, we are all different from one another, even as no two stones are exactly alike. We believe love is the highest calling and the "glue" that holds the church together, and it is the true basis for our fellowship in Him.