Missions trip to Honduras


This spring, March 11th-18th, Keen and I (Skyler) will be serving in the mountains of Honduras as part of the short-term outreach team from LifeMission Church. Our efforts will be focused toward serving the poor living in small villages in western Honduras. We will be conducting medical clinics, pouring concrete floors in homes, hosting a VBS for children and preaching the gospel by our actions and words. Since Keen and I are full time students, we are asking for help from anyone willing to contribute financially toward our trip. We are responsible for about $1500 each, so we've started a joint GoFundMe to fund the combined amount. PLEASE support us with prayerful contributions because we believe this opportunity to be one of life changing impact on us, those we evengelize to, and those we serve. The medical clinics we are involved with will provide basic care and much needed medicine. In addition, many of the homes in the area where we will be working have dirt floors. In order to improve the health, hygiene and overall well-being of these families, we will be pouring concrete floors by hand in some of the homes. This is truly a service to others that will have lasting benefits. Most importantly, we will be sharing the gospel in all of these settings. It is going to be a wonderful and effective outreach. 


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